After School Club

Open every school day 3pm until 6pm

It’s a play date every day after school!

We hope to provide a completely different atmosphere to school.  After structured activities all day, we try to give the children a chance to let off steam or to simply unwind, and to talk and play with their friends.  The room leaders plan activities alongside the children, with their development and enjoyment a priority.  We promote positive play opportunities as well as encouraging the children to be active and develop new skills and interests, both indoors and outdoors.  We aim to ensure that the club reflects and meets the needs of the local community and incorporates equal opportunities into all areas of our work.

The club can be used regularly or occasionally, dependant on how you book your child’s place.  It is run by the same experienced and qualified staff whom your child will meet in other parts of the setting.  They endeavour to create a friendly, welcoming environment for the children and their carers.  We believe that every child is entitled to good quality care.

How does it work?

When the children finish their day at Pre-school or Nursery, they are taken to the Pre-School room. The children from Reception are collected from their classroom by the Foundation Stage Kidsclub leader, who registers all the children in their care. Other school children make their own way to the After School Club room where they are registered by the Kidsclub Leader.  All the children are offered a healthy snack straight away and are then given a choice of activities.  Children can request specific activities and they’re encouraged to try a range of things with different friendship groups.

There are three options for booking your child. You may chose to collect your child at 4:00 pm, at 5:00 pm or at 6:00 pm.

Any child who is at the club after 5pm is given a more substantial tea.  Menus rotate, repeating every five weeks and include things like fish fingers, new potatoes, beans or soup with baguette.  Menus can be viewed in the main entrance and on line.  All menus can be adapted for special dietary needs.

Parents should collect their child via the front entrance of the School and sign their child out. You must let us know in advance if a relative or friend will be collecting them, as we cannot release a child to an adult not listed on the registration form. We must ensure that your child is safe.

Key Contact

After School Club

“At after school club we will encourage your child to have fun and wind down after their busy day at school. They can pursue their interests with the wide range of activities that we offer including cookery, art, playstation games, boardgames such as chess or they may want to relax and watch T.V or read a book. We also have our very own sports coach to plan more physical activities. We also run colouring competions and provide healthy snacks and a light tea.”

– Claire


Let’s work together

If your child is unable to attend a session she/he is booked for, then you must inform the Kidsclub on 515387.  Communication should come from the parents not the child’s teacher.  Lack of communication can result in us in spending a considerable amount of time searching for your child on the school site. 

Keep us informed…

It is important for the children to feel safe and happy in their club because we want them to enjoy their time here.  If they share any concerns with you, please do not hesitate to pass these onto the Trust Manager, Denise Arnold, to follow up.


To register your child for After School Club, please obtain a registration form from the table in the main entrance or fill in the online form. Children may not attend the Club unless this has been completed in full and confirmation received. As with all the Kidsclubs, three weeks’ notice is required to change a booking.

Important Information

If you would like to see the After School Room at work, please ring us to arrange a visit.


Children are able to give feedback to the staff daily. Ideas and feedback are also shared in the Suggestion Book. It is important for the children to feel that it’s their club and we want them to enjoy their time here. If they share any concerns with you, please do not hesitate to pass these onto the Trust Manager, Denise Arnold, to follow up.



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